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Employees module is used to create, store and exchange quickly and easily employee details in all HR processes. One comprehensive platform enables automatic data exchange between modules, reducing the risk of errors and reducing the time needed to complete the projects.

Complete and kept up to date employee details can be used in any HR process, such as internal recruitment, talent management, employee assessment and training planning. Thanks to elevato platform all new information regarding the employees, both periodic (i.e., assessment) and those changed on an on-going basis (i.e. training), are always up to date and available.


  • Easy access to complete details of each employee:
    • Personal data - employee card
    • Position in company structure
    • Employment history
    • Assessment reports
    • Training
    • Certificates
    • Documents
  • Employee details integration - the basis of the elevato platform and a starting point in all HR processes.
  • Current updates and the employee details availability in all HR processes is essential to facilitate proper functioning of the employment policy in the company.
  • Fast and convenient access to employee records thanks to electronic personal folders.
  • Company organisational structure presenting the hierarchy in a clear way.


Elevato Software Employees Elevato Software Employees
Information on the Employees module.
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Employee Card Employee Card
Platform enables exporting to PDF format employee cards that include all the employee details stored in the database.
PDF file PDF file, 68 kb

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