The elevato platform

A new dimension of HR

Using a variety of systems, tools and documents is time consuming and thereby increases costs and reduces productivity. Therefore we created one comprehensive system to deal with all the activities concerning employees: elevato platform.

To make it more user-friendly and improve the clarity of the processes the Elevato Software system is built in a modular way:

The platform is available through an Internet browser. As it is really user-friendly, using it is fast and convenient, and most importantly, it does not require the IT department assistance nor software producer’s support.

The elevato platform provides modern and proven methods of employee potential management based on competencies. It enables more efficient and convenient work. This results in saving time and money and above all - invaluable understanding of human capital in your company.

Effective management of the greatest asset in the company - its employees - can be made easy and available at an affordable price for companies regardless of their size.



  • It helps in making key decisions in human resources and general company strategy.
  • It introduces modern and proven methods of employee potential management developed in cooperation with Carpenter Consulting - a leading consulting agency specialised in HR.
  • It diagnoses, shapes and develops employee potential.
  • It provides processes, libraries and tools in each module, to enable a quick and efficient work of even the newly employed managers.
  • It helps to conduct the HR processes in the following areas:
    • Recruitment and employee selection,
    • Employee assessment system (self-assessment, supervisor assessment, 180 degree assessment, 360 feedback),
    • Training and development plans created within the company training database,
    • Creation of company's organisational structure and employee records,
    • Competency model creation, with the use of elevato Library,
    • Job descriptions preparation.
    • Talent management.
    • Internal communication within the company.


Elevato Software MapElevato Software Map
Information about the Elevato Software system.
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