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By using this site the user agrees to the following terms of Privacy Policy. Should they not agree with these terms, the user should immediately cease using this site.

elevato reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. Any person that uses the site in any way is obliged to respect the site current Privacy Policy.

Personal data

During the use of this Website You may be asked to provide personal information. Should this happen, only such details are taken which are necessary and obvious. They are solely used for the purpose they were collected for (e.g. to send a newsletter or a press release requested by the user).

When we advise that personal details may be used for general (including direct) marketing purposes, the user always has the option of disagreement. Such decision will be respected. If the user agrees, the details will be available in our customer database and used to provide information about products and services that we gather may be of interest for the user and also to adapt our product range to the needs of our users, to conduct market research and for any other purpose for which the details were collected.

Any personal details collected are not shared with other parties without user permission.

The user may at any time request access to their data. At their request the details can be amended or deleted.

All information sent not regarding the identifiable individuals, whether commercial, technical, corporate, or any other, will not be treated as confidential. The condition of the site use is the fact that such information may be disclosed and used for other purposes.


elevato collects and analyses certain information about visitors of our site. This helps in improving and developing our product range. This information does not make it impossible to identify a user, even in conjunction with other data, which are in our possession. We collect information such as the visitor's IP address, browser type and pages visited. To obtain this information we use cookies.

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your hard disk the user. It provides information about previous visits to the User on the Website elevato. Cookies are not harmful to either the computer or its user and data. The condition of cookies is their acceptance by the browser and removing them from the disk.

Data collected by cookies can help you keep track of information about the number of new and regular users and enable analysis of the visited pages. These data help to continually improve our services and navigation on our site.

Can I block cookies?

Most browsers accept cookies by default, but usually it is possible to block them completely or accepting only selected files. Total blocking of cookies may result in some services on our site becoming unavailable and the pages may be displayed incorrectly.



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