New dimension of HR

The elevato platform is designed for all businesses and organisations that seek economically viable solutions to improve the efficiency of HR management processes.

Companies that can benefit the most by introducing the elevato are the ones that:

  • do not have any human resource management systems,
  • use various accidental tools for the administration of HR processes,
  • have insufficient resources for HR management to allow the purchase and implementation of expensive systems,
  • are concerned with personal data protection and database security in HR management processes.

The platform is a complete solution to improve the efficiency of HR management processes, reducing the possibility of errors and speeding up HR procedures.

Large companies

In organisations employing over a few hundred people a lot of HR processes rely on dispersed documents in paper form or Excel or Word files. This results in these processes consuming too much time and being too expensive. However, they can be simplified thanks to the implementation of elevato and standardised employee assessment system, recruitment and training based on competence. Such changes will bring significant cost savings and help to benefit from the true value of HR processes.

Small and medium companies

When a company expands rapidly and the number of employees increases, an HR department needs to be implemented and HR management processes developed. Often, however, there are not sufficient resources for these activities, as well as appropriate tools, materials and procedures. The low initial costs associated with the use of Elevato Software Online, combined with ready-made document libraries and defined processes facilitate quick implementation of effective procedures enabling almost immediate improvement of the efficiency of employee potential management.

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