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HR consulting companies often do not provide their customers with employee assessment services, inclusive of 360° assessment, due to the perceived complexity of the process and a lack of appropriate tools. Alternatively, they perform the process based on their own dispersed Excel and Word files. This is because most commercially available HR processes supporting systems are aimed at end-user companies.

The elevato platform is designed with the specific needs of consultancy agencies in mind. It allows the definition of individual customers with their own specific processes, which provides efficient third-party support. This allows the agency to grow and extend the range of provided services.

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Advanced options of Recruitment module are beneficial to employee selection agencies in particular. The platform functionality was developed and implemented in cooperation with specialist human resource consulting firms, taking into account the requirements of multi-branch company processing multiple recruitment projects of varying complexity. The simultaneous operation of a number of consultants in an agency with an extensive hierarchy of dependencies can be conducted efficiently and without mistakes thanks to our supporting platform.

As Elevato Software Recruitment module can act as an e-service, your company does not have to bear the cost of purchasing the equipment nor the cost of the implementation. The platform as Elevato Software Online activates almost immediately. The elevato works without fail, is always up-to-date and available everywhere.

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