The concept of a cloud

Cloud, Software as a Service, e-Service

Service Software as a Service (SaaS), commonly known as e-service or cloud operating software, is based on the remote sharing of the software via the Internet. In this model, users do not run the applications on their computers, but are provided with the ability to use them via a web browser. The application or the platform, are stored on the SaaS provider servers.

In the traditional model, applications require installation on a particular computer, therefore limiting their use solely to this specific machine. Cloud operating software does not have such restrictions - it simplifies and significantly speeds up both the implementation process and activation of the applications, as well as their subsequent maintenance.

The concept of a cloud

The use of e-services is usually billed monthly. The payment depends on the actual number of users accessing the application.

Cloud operating applications are offered uniformly to all customers, hence the cost of application support, maintenance, upgrades and development is shared between all users, which allows for significant savings as compared with an application implemented on the client's server.

Cloud operating applications - benefits

  • No one-off cost of application purchase - fixed monthly fee.
  • No lengthy and costly process of application implementation - the cloud operating system is active almost immediately after the registration.
  • Easy product evaluation - the system can be thoroughly tested prior to the purchase.
  • Simplicity of working with the application and its management - cloud operating systems are well designed and may be customised
  • Lower cost of service and support - using SaaS eliminates the need to maintain an extensive IT department or to outsource this type of service.
  • Guaranteed access to the latest version of the software - no need to install updates on users' computers.
  • Mobility and access - cloud operating applications are available from anywhere and on any computer.
  • Security guarantee - the product supplier manages data backup and provides the best protection.



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