Why elevato platform

Innovative HR

What do these words have in common:

  • Innovation
  • Potential
  • Development
  • Intellect

All these terms are related to the most valuable resources of any company - its employees.

Lack of qualified staff inhibits the development and innovation of the businesses. Competence and motivation of employees is one of the major factors facilitating the development of the company. Intellectual capital is considered the most important resource of a company, crucial in the process of creation of competitive advantage. The requirements of knowledge-based economy evolve dynamically, forcing a constant learning and development of employee skills. HR management becomes one of the cornerstones of the development of competitive potential of the company.

Efficient management

As a person responsible for the processes involved in the employee management, can you devote your time fully to the tasks you are supposed to deal with? Or do you loose it on all the administration activities?

Are you one of the HR department managers who may say that:

  • My company does not have any human resource management system.
  • I have to use various accidental tools for the administration of HR processes.
  • My company has insufficient resources for HR management to allow the purchase and implementation of expensive systems.
  • My knowledge of information systems and their specificity, combined with professional jargon are not enough to make an educated decision regarding the appropriate system.
  • Personal data protection and concerns regarding the database security make it difficult to manage HR processes.

What if there was one comprehensive platform supporting HR management that is:

  • affordable and also capable of growing according to the needs of the company,
  • easy and intuitive in use,
  • enabling full integration of employee details,
  • accessible everywhere through a web browser,
  • providing the highest level of data security based on Microsoft technologies?

Well... there is one!

elevato - new dimension of HR

The platform was designed especially for companies running a range of HR processes in-house as well as for agencies providing HR management consulting services. The final users of the system are HR departments of smaller companies or individuals who are responsible for HR management related tasks, as well as external consultants.

The system’s functionality and characteristics are designed to meet the requirements of application users; also addressing current problems and needs of various HR processes:

  • User-friendliness through the intuitive interface and optimised layout,
  • Pace and convenience of working thanks to the ready-made templates and automated processes,
  • Safe access to the system and data from anywhere through a web browser.

Take advantage of the free trial period, to see how the elevato platform improves the efficiency of HR department in your company.



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