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The elevato platform is available in two versions:

System Version

Elevato Software Online

Online version is based on the cloud, which means that it requires only a web browser and an Internet connection to be used.

The elevato operating as an e-service enables reduction of costs associated with implementing and maintaining the platform. Users, on the other hand, can benefit from significant time savings and convenience.

  • No initial costs – the platform does not require implementation.
  • Reduced fees – monthly payments for using the tool.
  • No cost of purchase and infrastructure maintenance – the elevato is maintained on secure provider’s servers.
  • Pay as you use – fees depend on the number of job positions.
  • The latest version of the system –the operator provides a current platform update and improved functionality.
  • Data Security – advanced security and backups performed on an on-going basis by the platform administrator.
  • Short activation period – the work with the elevato can begin almost immediately after registering on the site.

Elevato Software Premium

Premium version, implemented locally on the company's server, ensures much more flexibility and control. This is a complete elevato platform with all modules, functions and libraries described in the product specification. Moreover, the companies that decided to order this version have the option of adapting functionality of the tool to the specific requirements of the business or to integrate it with other operating systems. Using the Premium version is also recommended for companies where internal IT management policy requires the use of the systems installed on their own servers solely.

  • Total control over the platform – all the resources remain in the company.
  • Technical Support – post-implementation support.
  • Trainings for users included in the cost of implementation.
  • Integration with the systems of other providers operating within the company.
  • Functionality to adjusted adjusted to specific requirements and processes implemented in the company.
  • Additional modules on request.

If you are interested in implementation of Elevato Software Premium platform in your company, please contact us - our consultants will prepare a product proposal tailored to the needs of your business.

Compare versions

Access through a web browser
Access anywhere Depends on implementation
Operational costs billed monthly No
Implementation costs No
Infrastructure maintenance costs No1
Automatic platform updates 2 No2
Limited time of guarantee and update package Not required2 2
Installation and platform configuration on the specified server No
Tailoring the platform to the specific requirements No
Possibility of integration with other IT systems No
User training No / on request
Online user training
Individual technical support No

1 Infrastructure maintenance costs are covered by the elevato platform administrator. In the case of cloud operating platform solutions, these costs are shared between all the platform users, so in terms of a single company they are significantly lower than in the case of traditional solutions. These costs are included in the license fees.

2 Online system is updated on an on-going basis by the platform aministrator. The company using the online tool always uses the latest and fully functional version. Updates and platform maintenance are not perceived by the elevato users.
In the case of companies using the Premium system updates are made on the elevato installed on the client’s server. The time and cost of these services is specified in a post-implementation platform support contract.



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