Who is elevato platform for?

New dimension of HR

The elevato platform has been designed for three types of organizations.

The platform is designed for all businesses and organisations that are looking for an economically viable solution to improve the efficiency of the HR management processes. The elevato provides modern and proven methods of employee potential management based on the competency model. It enables more efficient and convenient work. This results in saving time and money and, above all, invaluable understanding of human capital in your company. more>>

HR professionals
HR management counselling agencies often seek tools that will allow them to support their business customers in advanced HR processes using the latest technology. Most of such solutions, however, are designed for individual organisations and thus are not suitable for the specificity of work of the external consultants. The exception is elevato - this platform has been developed by the experts for the experts. more>>

Public administration and institutions
Public offices and institutions often face the need to implement the HR management processes on a limited budget. Many of the procedures and regulations are of limited use in private enterprises therefore the knowledge of the associated tasks is not too wide. The elevato platform simplifies the implementation of standardised procedures so that the required processes bring real benefits. more>>



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