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The elevato platform is an innovative tool used to evaluate employees based on a competency model. Automating and speeding up the process results in business benefits such as time and cost savings and, most importantly, gaining invaluable knowledge regarding employees. Employee assessment will no longer be a time-consuming process that requires writing a number of documents and ultimately brings little value to the company's operations.



  • 180 degree assessment conducted on the basis of criteria defined by the HR department for a particular position or employee.
  • 360 degree feedback providing a thorough image of employee competence and performance quality.
  • Reducing time and cost needed to prepare and conduct employee appraisals.
  • Analysis of competency gaps in the company.
  • Reducing time spent on filling forms; time saved may be used to work on the strategic company tasks.
  • Employee appraisals performed in accordance with the processes defined in the company.
  • Quick creation of the assessment forms tailored for the specific job positions, without the IT department assistance or software producer’s support.
  • Increase the employee engagement, performance and potential.


The main functionality of the Assessment module includes:

  • Creating assessment forms containing key competencies and position competencies.
  • Generating automatic reports on assessment process.
  • Matching employees to job profiles by comparing the assessment results and optimal competence levels for the specific position.
  • Optional participation of people from outside the company in the assessment - for example, external customers and subcontractors.
  • Configuration and assessment process modification managed by the platform administrator.
  • Goals and employee development plans adapted to the company priorities.
  • Easy monitoring and managing of the assessment process by HR staff.


Elevato Software AssessmentElevato Software Assessment
Information on the Assessment module.
PDF filePDF file, 0,60 MB

Competency scaleCompetency scale
The sample competency card containing the competency scale.
PDF filePDF file, 65 kb

360 degree assessment report360 degree feedback report
Sample 360 degree assessment report.
PDF filePDF file, 879 kb

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