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Personal development plan of an employee should be driven directly by the performance assessment. Elevato Software Training enables optimal decisions regarding training opportunities within the available budget, thanks to the precise diagnosis of the competency gaps or on the basis of individual training needs specified during the assessment appointment.


  • Training catalogue fully integrated with competence model allows optimal decisions regarding the direction of employee development.
  • Development plans resulting from periodic assessment and 360 degree assessment.
  • Managing training paths and certificates in the company's training database.
  • Eliminating human error and speeding up the workflow thanks to a number of automatic features that facilitate integration of data from various modules.
  • Legally required training, such as health and safety, will always take place with automatic features and data integration.


The main functionality of the Training module includes:

  • Training schedule and budget management through Elevato Software Training module.
  • Adding resources and other materials used during the training.
  • Specifying dates and training sessions.
  • The process of training approval.
  • Details of completed training to be viewed in the employee profile.


Elevato Software Training Elevato Software Training
Information on the Training module.
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