HR Tools

Comprehensive HR support

Elevato Software HR Tools is a set of tools and libraries needed in daily activities of the human resources departments. It is an important element of the whole platform.

The module includes among others the following elements:

  • Competencies
  • Job descriptions
  • Document library
  • Questions and Answers (FAQ)
  • HR Helpdesk
  • E-mail templates
  • Company newsletter


  • Automatic flow of information from other plaform modules. This ensures that details are kept up-to-date which reduces the risk of errors and saves HR department time.
  • Any model of competency can be defined and implemented, tailored to the culture and nature of the business.
  • The initial library of competencies allows quick creation of a competency model for specific needs of the company. This library was developed in co-operation with Carpenter Consulting's HR experts.
  • Job descriptions including detailed definition of the responsibilities and duties of a given position. These descriptions are also used to define requirements for recruitment projects and to inform candidates about the specifics of a given position.
  • Integration of job descriptions and positionsin compliance with the International Standard Classification of Occupations (ISCO).
  • HR Helpdesk communication platform that simplifies the HR process of dealing with employee support requests.
  • Competence profiles define the optimal level of selected competencies for a given position.
  • Assessment of competencies specific for a given position automatically added to the forms thanks to the integration with the Assessment module.


Elevato Software HR Tools Elevato Software HR Tools
Information on HR Tools module.
PDF file PDF file, 0,68 MB

Job description Card Job description Card
Platform enables exporting to PDF format job description cards that include the details of the requirements, objectives and tasks for a given position, as well as the competency profile of the position.
PDF file PDF file, 91 kb

Competency scale Competency scale
The sample competency card with the competency scale.
PDF file PDF file, 65 kb

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