About the project

Innovative Economy

elevato Sp. z o. o. (elevato Ltd.) received funding under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy:

Priority VIII: Information Society - Increasing Innovation of the Economy

Measure 8.1. Support for economic activity as regards electronic economy

For the implementation of the Project:

„44TMS - competence and employee development management system through e-services in a SaaS model”

Project Duration:

15th of May 2010 - 14th of May 2012

Project description:

The platform is designed for small, medium and large companies as well as professional HR agencies and it is to enable company owners, HR departments and training companies automated, secure, easy and centralized gathering employee records, managing information regarding the employee competence development, processing the data collected on different aspects and, above all, organizing a range of campaigns of on-line assessment (e.g. periodic assessment, 360° assessment, competence reviews and other).


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